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“Explore Your Personal Narrative” is my Zoom mentoring program (also offered as week-long workshop) for photographers who want to take their work to a superior level of individual artistic accomplishment.

In this program you will find the thread of your genuine personal narrative and align your work with YOUR very unique and personal creativity.

The program will consist of:

  • a review of your existing portfolio (or simply your “Best Of”)

  • ongoing conversations to define what gives your art purpose and meaning

  • ongoing discussions about how to create personal and genuine work along the lines of your personal narrative – how to build one or several coherent portfolios

  • assignments for new work

  • review of new work

  • preparation of work submission to galleries and portfolio reviews

  • conversation about how to build your audience in the art market

  • how to get out of creative doldrums

  • the do-s and don't-s of participation in the pay-to-play art world

  • websites and social media


I will fit these sessions to your personal schedule. There is no fixed number of sessions you have to take although I would suggest something around 5 to 10 and you will pay only for classes you book, not a series of classes in advance.

The price per one-hour session is $ 100, which also covers the work I do for you outside our class.


The advantages of my Zoom class vs. attending a classic workshop are:

  • you have the undivided attention of your mentor

  • low cost compared to traditional workshops + travel + housing

  • work on your own schedule

  • significant discounts on purchase of my prints

Contact Ralph below for more information

& to schedule your intro

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Artistic Growth and Your Personal Narrative  -  Individual Zoom Classes

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