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Custom Designed, Private Workshops for

Artistic Growth in Photography

If you are seeking artistic growth in a private setting of your choice for yourself

or a small group up to 4, I am willing to travel to your location in the US or Europe.


If interested in such a venture contact me to have a preliminary conversation about your wishes and needs so we can eventually custom design a workshop that caters to your specific desires.


You will find my default curriculum below and it will be up to discussion where your particular focus is and then concentrate on exactly that.


Your private workshop will also include a preliminary online conversation with the student(s) and two debrief sessions at 1 month and 3 months after the class to follow up on new work and goals set during the workshop.


  • a review of your existing portfolio (or simply your “Best Of”)

  • a conversation to define what gives your art purpose and meaning

  • ongoing discussions about how to create personal and genuine work along the lines of your personal narrative

  • how to build a coherent portfolio

  • assignments for new work

  • review of new work

  • setting ambitious but realistic goals

  • conversation about how to build your audience in the art market

  • how to get out of creative doldrums

  • the do-s and don't-s of participation in the pay-to-play art world

  • websites and social media


The workshops are priced at:

$ 2250 for 3 days  (continental US only)

$ 3450 for 5 days  (US and Europe)

The charge for additional students over the number of 4 is $500.

My transportation and accommodation costs are at the charge of the workshop organizer.

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